Benefits of Using Clear Plastic Pots

By August 4, 2020 House Plant Tips

For some new plant parents, and even experienced plant parents, knowing when to water your plants can be tricky. “Is the soil dry?” “Is the soil too wet?” “Should I wait to water it?” These are all questions we ask ourselves. BUT, what is there was a way to take the uncertainty out of watering? Where you could actually SEE the soil and root system? Look no further than clear plastic pots!


Clear plastic pots take the guesswork out of watering these roots; moisture and dryness are readily seen therefore you know without guessing if it’s time to water.

Clear plastic pots can allow you to easily switch decorative containers to correspond to different holidays or room décor. However, if you do place these clear plastic pots in decorative pots, it is a good idea to remove them during watering to allow for proper drainage.

Clear plastic pots also allow you to easily inspect the roots of your plants for pests, disease or overcrowding. This makes it much easier to figure out what the problem is with your plants when they are not doing well.

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Plastic Pot