Top 10 Pet Friendly Houseplants

By June 18, 2020 House Plant Tips

Pet friendly Houseplants!

Having tropical plants in your space can be tricky if you have some fur children running around! We want to keep them safe and out of harms way but so many tropical houseplant that we all love can be toxic to cats and dogs if ingested.

Luckily, being a pet lover and plant lover aren’t mutually exclusive. We have created a list of non-toxic houseplants that are completely safe for both cats and dogs. And, if you want to double-check the toxicity of your current plants, visit the ASPCA’s website for a complete list of plants that are toxic for pets.

Cast Iron Plant

Beautiful, hearty, and tough as nails, the cast iron plant will do well under just about any conditions inside the home, and also makes for a great garden filler for the outside areas as well.

Particularly curious critters may be tempted to chew on the large leaves, but luckily, it’s non-toxic and won’t cause any harm.

Succulents (most succulents)


This is the houseplant on everyone’s mind lately. Most of the popular varieties are non-toxic, including Echeveria (the rosette type), hen and chicks, Burro’s Tail, and Haworthia (the little tiger-jaws). It’s worth a Google-search if you’re not sure though, since some types–like Jade plants–are actually toxic.

Parlour Palm

As its name implies, the parlor palm is the quintessential houseplant. Able to handle low light and lower temperatures, this plant grows in clusters with its elegantly arching, green leaflets forming a feathery canopy. This attractive plant is not only non-toxic but also an excellent air purifier.


Calathea spp. plants also called peacock plants or prayer plants, bear large tropical leaves with fascinating stripes or stippling. A calathea is an excellent choice for a shady yet sunny spot in the house, as too much light can cause the plants to bleach out.

Money Tree

The money tree or money plant, not only works to reduce toxins such as formaldehyde from the air, but is an excellent choice for anyone with asthma, lung issues, or calls a smoggy city home. They also love bright light.

Plus, they’re known for inviting in luck and prosperity, and won’t bother any curious critters.

Spider Plant

It’s all-around safe, and cleans the air like crazy. Also pretty much impossible to kill, and if you have little ones around they’ll love to float the runners in water and watch the roots grow.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns  are an enduring houseplant favourite, but their shaggy fronds may tempt cats and dogs to chew. The foliage is non-toxic to cats and dogs, so brighten up your guest room or bathroom with these lush plants. Boston ferns like humidity and lots of bright, indirect light.

Ponytail Palm

What self-respecting cat can deny itself a passing swat at the alluring leaves of the ponytail palm. These non-toxic plants thrive in bright light and like their water on the dry side.

Majest Palm

Timeless with graceful, feathery fronds, this large plant will bring life into a bright corner in your home and is non-toxic for cats and dogs.

Lipstick Plant

This is a quirky little vine with red, tubular flowers that look like bright red lipstick. They like bright light, and people who see them love them! Safe for all.