Lino Ammaturo

How it all started...

Lino Ammaturo at the age of 22 migrated to Canada from Italy with a horticulture degree and a vision of owning his own garden centre.  His hard work and passion for the industry paid off and in 1976 he realized his dream of owning Woodhill Garden Centre in Thornhill, Ontario.

His focus initially was selling nursery stock, annuals, perennials and tropicals at the retail level.  As the business and customer base grew, he further extended the business to offer full service landscaping design and installation.  Soon enough, Woodhill came to be known as a trusted garden centre with excellent quality stock.

We service clients not only in the GTA, but have reached clients living up North in cottage country as well.  Our approach is simple, treat each client with care and respect, and they will return the compliment by referring a friend.

What makes Woodhill Garden Centre so unique is that we specialize in larger specimen trees which in most cases have been hand-picked.  A trusting relationship has been established with our growers who consistently supply us with premium quality stock.  To this day, you will still find Lino inspecting all merchandise that enters the store.  If it doesn’t meet his standards than it is not deemed good enough to sell to the public.

Although we are now in the age of box stores, customers feel confident that when they enter the store they are met with knowledgeable staff who provide personal attention to every detail.

Woodhill Garden Centre is not only a family run business but is also extremely fortunate and proud to have staff members that have been with us for many years.

Over the years, Woodhill Garden Centre has rode the wave of booms, recessions, rainy springs and snowy winters.  As we look to the future, we will continue to be a cutting edge garden centre to attract the next generation of gardeners.